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CSGO Gamemodes_Server.txt
April 16th 2018, 3:29AM CDT by Vanderburg
Alright, after a number of hours, I have the CSGO config for Gamemodes_Server.txt on the new site. Saving isn't implemented yet, so if you want to use the old one, there's a link at the top of the new one to continue using it, for only the time being.
Redesign & Beta
April 10th 2018, 10:35PM CDT by Vanderburg
This site has been plenty neglected over the past couple years.

I recently started a slight redesign, rewriting everything, using Angular instead of PHP/jQuery (With the exception of any API stuff, that'll still be PHP). First up is the Gmod resources.lua file, which sorta forced this to happen, because something broke the Workshop scraper.

I'll do the CSGO Mapgroups next and I wasn't going to do the Minecraft permissions, but it sees about 500 users per month, somehow, so I guess I'll go ahead and rewrite that, too, when I feel like hating myself (that one is a complicated mess).
Minecraft Permissions Finally Available
February 4th 2015, 11:37PM CST by Vanderburg
Okay, I took waaaaay longer than I said I would, but I've finally got a "working" version of the Minecraft Permissions up. Still only works with PermissionsEx, works basically the same way, etc, etc. Work has been busy, so it's been slow going, and it's really annoying to modify something like this to work with the new version of the site.

Anyway, it's there now. Everything should function, except for something like autocompletes with permissions, but the UUID stuff is good, Saves, Downloads, etc, those work. If you see something really broken, let me know in the contact form.
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